• GBM-12D/16D-R beveling machine for Bridge Steel Structure
    Post time: Mar-02-2020

    Customer requirements:   1) Bridge Steel Structure for fabrication 2) Plate material Q355C metal plate 3) Plate thickness 20mm, 32mm   25-45 degree 4) Request double side beveling. Higher speed for large quantity of metal sheets.   Solution by Shanghai Taole Machine Co.,Ltd Sale...Read more »

  • ISE portable electric pipe beveling machine for stainless steel pipes
    Post time: Nov-22-2019

    ID Mounted electric pipe end beveling machine Stainless steel pipes 45 degree bevel tools Machine option for small pipe ends beveling :  ISE  ELECTRIC PIPE BEVELING MACHINE                                                                     ISP  PNEUMATIC PIPE BEVELING MACHINE                    ...Read more »

  • Site Pneumatic pipe cutting beveling machine for compound bevel
    Post time: Apr-28-2019

    Customer : Chemical Machinery Plant Request: Pipe cold cutting and beveling machine operated by air, Cold cutting, Compound bevel Solution: OCP Pneumatic pipe cold cutting beveling machine Site Picture during cold cutting and beveling   Bevel Surface –Compound bevel atfer pipe cutting...Read more »

  • Case Ref: Beveling machine solution for small plates
    Post time: Jun-29-2018

    Professional Manufacture & Supplier for plate beveling machine, pipe cold cutting beveling machine on pre-welding. Case Reference : Beveling Solution for small plates Customer’s bevel request:  Carbon Steel plates for Engineering machinery, Plate Length 21cm * Width 9cm * Thickness 25mm...Read more »

  • GMMA-80A for railway industry 10-40mm plate on pre-welding
    Post time: Jun-06-2018

    Customer :  China Railway Group Requiremetns:  Plate beveling machine  1)  Plate thickness : 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm  2) Bevel Required: 0 degree,  45 degree   Suggested model:  GMMA-80A plate beveling machine which is available for plate thickness 6-80mm , bevel angel 0-60 degree adjustable ...Read more »

  • Stainless steel plate beveling machine 14mm 45degree with 2mm root
    Post time: May-03-2018

    Customer request: Stainless steel material, 14mm thickness, required bevel angel 45 degree with 2mm root face Suggested model: GMMA-60S, GMMA-60L , GMMA-80A as option. Customer choose GMMA-60L due to the wide working range of bevel angel 0-90 degree adjustable. For more information on this model,...Read more »

  • GMMA-100L plate beveling machine Q345 plate thickness 50mm
    Post time: Apr-27-2018

    Customer requirements : Plate Material Q345 , plate thickness 50mm, required 72.5 degree at bevel with 82mm, Large QTY request high efficiency.   Suggest model GMMA-100L  which available  for plate thickness 8-100mm, bevel angel 0-90 degree, Single bevel with 15-30mm and Max bevel with could reac...Read more »

  • GMMA-80A, GMMA-60L for composite metal plate
    Post time: Feb-05-2018

    Customer require :  Composite metal sheet Plate material & thickness:  Stainless steel   4mm,  30mm                                                          Carbon steel  26mm Required to a 30 degree bevel and with 22mm with root face 8mm. And 4*4mm L type bevel on stainless steel. Machine m...Read more »

  • Shipyard Carbon steel beveling machine –GMMA-100L
    Post time: Jan-30-2018

    Industry: Shipyard Required beveling machine: Mainly process for thick plate in carbon steel material. Regular bevel angel and bevel width. Model No.: GMMA-100L New Products – Thick plate bevel cutting machine for fabrication Power Supply: AC380V 50Hz 6400W with 2 motors Spindle Speed:750...Read more »

  • GMMA-80L 100mm thickness plate beveling machine for indonesia market
    Post time: Nov-22-2017

    Customized plate beveling milling machine GMMA-80L specially for thick plates up to 100mm Exporting to Indonesia market   Specification for GMMA-80L plate edge beveling machine machine: Processing site in Indonesia:   Professional manfacture for plate beveling machine, plate ...Read more »

  • Bevel machine processing for 50mm plate at 30 degree double side bevel with 6mm root face
    Post time: Oct-20-2017

    Customer: China Railway Company Requirements: Stainless Steel clad plate 321/Q370qE, plate thickness 50mm  request bevel angel 30 degree and double side bevel with a 6mm root face. Based on above request, We have regular option for GMMA-60S, GMMA-60L,GMMA-80A and GMMA-60R. Customer choose GMMA-8...Read more »

  • Customer site-Pipe cold cutting and beveling machine
    Post time: Sep-30-2017

    Customer : metal pipe manufacture in China Customer requirements: pipe diameter 610mm,  wall thickness 12.7mm , stainless steel material request for a bevel at 37.5 degree,with a depth with at 30mm and R5 bevel. Surface request Ra:6.3 above, Hydraulic driven. OCE-610 pipe cold cutting and bevelin...Read more »

  • Customer site-GBM-12D beveling machine for both plates and pipes
    Post time: Sep-06-2017

    End User:  AAA Equipment Manufacturing They are manufacturing company for  marine engineering with design, manufacturing and site operation service. Requirements: Request 1 beveling machine with wide working rane for both steel plate and pipes                                 Low Cost with...Read more »

  • Project Case for GBM-6D for 3-4mm Aluminium plate beveling in aerospace industry
    Post time: Sep-06-2017

    Customer AAA norway company is under AAR compay from America. Concentrating on the designing, developing, and manufacture for unit load equipments since 1970.. Leading manufacture and supplier for air cargo trays and containers to market all over the world, and provide quality and best solution f...Read more »