Product News

  • GMMA-100L Edge Milling Machine on Pressure Vessel for Chemical Industry
    Post time: 11-26-2020

    GMMA-100L Heavy plate edge milling machine on Pressure Vessel For Chemical Industry Customer request plate edge milling machine working on heavy duty plates at thickness 68mm. Regular bevel angel from 10-60 degree.  Their original semi automatic edge milling machine could achieve the surface perf...Read more »

  • Bevel Tools upgrade for GMMA edge milling machine
    Post time: 09-25-2020

    Dear Customer   First of All. Thanks for your support and business all the way.   Year 2020 is difficult for all business partners and humans due to the covid-19. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. In this year. We did some slight adjustment on the bevel tools for GMMA mo...Read more »