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  • Beveling machine Solution for Heavy duty plates
    Post time: 05-25-2020

    How do you process a plate edge bevel on heavy duty plates?  Are you still using CNC table type beveling machine with high cost but not that efficiency? Or still operating clad removal manually after flame cutting?   We get a inquiry from Chemical Machinery for Top and bottom beveling machi...Read more »

  • Important Tips for GMMA beveling machine operation
    Post time: 05-14-2020

    When people purchase a machine. They always expect machine to work with long life time. In this case, How should we make it and how to maintanance during operation. For GMMA models plate beveling machine from Taole Machine, We paid high attention on the beveling machine constructure ,material qua...Read more »

  • GMMA-80A,80R Steel beveling machine for Shipyard/Dockyard plates
    Post time: 03-27-2020

    After about 2 months stop in China due to the covid-19 virus.Almost 85% companies have been back to normal life and work until now end of March. Virus spread all over the world right now. China people will do our best to help and support people all over the world. Like all the medical products ma...Read more »

  • Notification–GMMA beveling machine upgrade 2019
    Post time: 05-24-2019

    To Whom may Concern We “SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD” hereby notice on the upgrade for GMMA beveling milling machine officially.  below listed with details for your better understanding and recongnition. Start from May, 2019, All the GMMA plate beveling milling machines will be new ...Read more »

  • GMMA-80A plate beveling machine for aluminum plate
    Post time: 08-31-2018

    Customer Inquiry: Plate beveling machine for aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate Plate thickness 25mm, request Singe V bevel at 37.5 and 45 degree. After comparing our GMMA plate beveling machine models. Customer finally decided on GMMA-80A . GMMA-80A for plate thickness 6-80mm, bevel angel 0-60...Read more »

  • GMMA-60L beveling machine for stainless steel S32205
    Post time: 08-17-2018

    Metal Sheet processing plant Requirements:  plate beveling machine for S32205 stainless steel Plate specification: Plate Width 1880mm   Length 12300mm,  thickness 14.6mm , ASTM A240/A240M-15 Request bevel angel at 15 degree, beveling with 6mm root face, request high presicious, Metal plate for UK...Read more »

  • How to set up and operate a plate beveling machine?
    Post time: 08-01-2018

    After receiving our plate beveling machine.  How should you set up and operate the plate beveling machine?   Below main process points for reference Step 1: Read the operation manual carefully before operation.   Step 2, Pls ensure your plate size—Plate length * Width * Thickness,...Read more »

  • 2018 Chinese New Year Holiday
    Post time: 02-08-2018

    Dear Customers   Happy New Year! Wish you a prosperous year in 2018. Thanks for your support and understanding all the way.  Pls kindly be noted that we are having 2018 Chinese New Year holiday as below. Apologize for any invonvenience caused.   Officer: Start holiday on Feb 9th,2018 an...Read more »

  • Indonesia Beveling Machine for Plate & Pipe
    Post time: 12-15-2017

    Shanghai Taole Machinery Co.,Ltd had a Successfull Exhibition in Jakarta Expo ,Indonesia.   Our plate beveling machine, pipe cutting beveling machine gained high interesting from indonesia industry.   Display item:        GMMA-60L plate edge milling machine                          ...Read more »

  • How to inquiry a pipe cutting beveling machine?
    Post time: 11-03-2017

    Pipe cold cutting and beveling  machine is kind of split frame design allows to seperate mount the outer diameter of the in-line pipe with strong stable clamping. It can process different material of pipe such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys. This equipments performs percision inline ...Read more »

  • Customized option for metal plate edge beveling milling machine
    Post time: 10-20-2017

    Are you still looking for a beveling machine for metal plate ? Some customer feedback:  Standard models not able to meet requirements for multi angel or bevel width. High cost for a CNC milling machine.  Pls do not worry, We are having customized option for plate beveling machine to meet your req...Read more »

  • Advantages for GMMA plate edge milling machine
    Post time: 09-19-2017

    GMMA plate edge beveling milling machine (steel beveling machine) is a new series milling type machine. With the advantages of small size, low weight, easy moving and operation, It is very popular for industry plants. Milling Speed is very fast or similar with cnc milling machine. It is using reg...Read more »

  • New Products Launch on 2017 Essen Welding & Cutting Fair in Shanghai
    Post time: 09-01-2017

    Great News! Shanghai Taole Machinery Co.,Ltd have repubished 5 new models of plate beveling machine, plate milling machine for weld preparation.Those machine are specially for some heavy duty metal plates beveling process.   Model 1 :  GMMA-80L Automatic plate edge milling machine Main Point...Read more »