GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine

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GMM-100LY Remote Control plate beveling machine designed specially for heavy duty plates which is highly required for plate welding industry. It is available for plate thickness 6-100mm bevel angel from 0 to 90 degree. High efficiency to achieve bevel width up to 100mm.

  • Model No.: GMM-100LY
  • Plate Thickness: 6-100mm
  • Bevel Angel: 0-90 degree
  • Bevel Width: 0-100mm
  • Brand: TAOLE
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai,China
  • Delivery Date: 5-12 days
  • Packaging: Wooden Case Pallet
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    GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine


    Metal sheet edge beveling machine mainly to do bevel cutting or clad removal / clad stripping on steel plates material like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel, alloy titanium,hardox,duplex etc. GMM-100LY heavy duty plate beveling machine with 2 milling heads , plate thickness from 6 to 100mm, bevel angel from 0 to 90 degree adjustable. GMM-100LY can make 30mm per cut. 3-4 cuts to achieve bevel width 100mm which is high efficiency and helps a lot for saving time and cost.

    GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine available for multi bevel joint as below.


    Parameters for GMM-100LY heavy duty plate beveling machine

    Models GMMA-100L heavy duty plate beveling machine
    Power Suppy AC 380V 50HZ
    Total Power 6520W
    Spindle Speed 500-1050mm/min
    Feed Speed 0~1500mm/min
    Clamp Thickness 6~100mm
    Clamp Width >100mm
    Clamp Length >300mm
    Bevel Angel 0~90 degree
    Singel Bevel width 15-30mm
    Bevel Width 0-100mm
    Cutter Diameter Dia 100mm
    Inserts QTY 7 pcs/9pcs
    Worktable Height 810-870mm
    Suggest Table Height 830mm
    Worktable Size 1200*1200mm
    Clamping Way Auto Clamping
    Wheel Size 4 Inch Heavy duty
    Machine Height Adjust Handwheel
    Machine N.Weight 420 kgs
    Machine G Weight 480 kgs
    Wooden Case Size 950*1180*1430mm
    GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine standard packinglist and wooden cases packing.Note: GMM-100LY with optional cutter head 7 teeth or 9 teeth.包装1


    Advantages for GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine

    1) Automatic walking type beveling machine will walk along with plate edge for bevel cutting

    2) Beveling machines with universal wheels for easy moving and storage 

    3) Cold cutting to avoid any oxide layer by using milling head and inserts for higher performance on surface Ra 3.2-6.3. It can do welding directly after bevel cutting. Milling inserts are market standard.

    4) Wide working range for plate clamping thickness and bevel angels adjustable.

    5) Unique design with reducer setting behand safer.

    6) Available for multi bevel joint type and easy operation.

    7) High efficiency beveling speed reach 0.4~1.2 meters per min.

    8) Automatic Clamping system and hand wheel setting for slight adjustment.




    Application for GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine

    Plate beveling machine are widely applicated for all welding industry. Such as

    1) Steel Construction    2) Shipbuilding Industry   3) Pressure Vessels   4) Welding Manufacturing

    5) Construction Machinery & Metallurgy

     Proofing 100mm thickness


    Proofing 60mm thickness U-shaped groove

    60cm厚  U型坡口测试

    Bevel Surface performance after bevel cutting by GMM-100LY Remote Control heavy duty plate beveling machine

    Note:  It is mainly work for top bevel which can achieve a big bevel width upto 100mm. Normally it could be a conbination solution with GMMA-80R or GMMA-100U beveling machine. It can also be modified to plate thickness up to 120mm, 160mm and 200mm.


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