2018 China East International Industry Equipment Exhibition

Welcome to visit us at “2018 China East International Industry Equipment Exhibition”. As a manufacture,We are mainly supply beveling machine for metal plate and pipes on weld preperation. Widely used in welding industry.

Our main display products include

1) GBM-6D, GBM-12D plate beveling machine,

2) GMMA-60L, GMMA-80A plate edge milling machine

3) Pipe beveling machine, pipe cold cutting and beveling machine.


For more products, Pls check on our website: https://www.bevellingmachines.com/products/

Exhibition Location: Xi’an City, China

Duration: Mar 15th-18th,2018

Booth No. : B4  F02-1

Booth photos for plate beveling machine

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Plate edge surface After Beveling



Thanks for your attention. For any questions or inquiries for plate beveling machine or pipe cutting and beveling machine. Pls feel free to contact us .

Tel: +86 13917053771

Email: sales@taole.com.cn

Project details from website:  www.bevellingmachines.com

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Post time: Mar-15-2018