Case Introduction

Zhejiang customer's self-propelled beveling machine TMM100-U-shaped beveling effect

Cooperative product: TMM-100L (heavy-duty self-propelled beveling machine)

Processing plate: Q345R thickness 100mm

Process requirements: The groove should be an 18 degree U-shaped R8 bevel and a 30 degree V-shaped bevel below

The business scope of our clients in Zhejiang includes the production and installation of steel components, steel tanks, ventilation pipelines, dust removal facilities, and water treatment facilities; Installation of industrial equipment, industrial pipelines, civil pipelines, and metal doors and windows; Production and sales of mechanical accessories; Sales of metal materials, hardware appliances, and daily necessities.


The on-site processed board is Q345R, with a thickness of 100mm. The bevel requirement is 18 degrees U-shaped R8 bevel and 30 degrees V-shaped bevel.

self-propelled beveling machine

The solution we provide to meet the customer's request is to use the model used is TMM-100L (heavy-duty self-propelled beveling machine), with beveling types including end face beveling, U-shaped leather beveling, V-shaped beveling, X-shaped beveling processing, and delamination of composite plate composite layer.

Application fields of TMM-100L automatic steel plate edge planer:

Mainly used for processing thick plate bevels and stepped bevels of composite plates, it can also be used for excessive beveling operations in pressure vessels and ship manufacturing. It is being selected by our loyal customers in the fields of petrochemicals, aerospace, and large-scale steel structure manufacturing. This is an efficient automatic edge milling machine, with a single bevel width of up to 30mm (at 30 degrees) and a Zui large bevel of up to 110mm (at 90 degrees step bevel).

TMM-100L multifunctional automatic edge milling machine/heavy-duty edge milling machine/thick plate special edge milling machine has the ability to process bevels: this model of edge milling machine can process V/Y bevels, K/X grooves (requiring flipped workpieces), composite plate step bevels, aerospace/pressure vessel U/J bevels, and milling operations after stainless steel plasma cutting.

Taole edge milling machine

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