GMM-80R Automatic Beveling Machine – Collaborating with Guizhou Pressure Vessel Industry

Today, I will introduce an automatic walking beveling machine that we apply in the pressure vessel industry in Guizhou Province.

Cooperative client: A pressure vessel industry in Guizhou Province

Collaborative product: The model used is GMM-80R (automatic edge milling machine)

Processing board: The board processed on site for S304 is S304

Process requirements: 18mm thick, with a 45 degree V-shaped bevel and a blunt edge of 1mm.

Processing speed: 360mm/min

Customer Introduction: The client is a general contractor engaged in mechanical and electrical installation engineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, housing construction engineering, municipal engineering construction, steel structure engineering, pipeline engineering, etc.

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The on-site processed board is S304 with a thickness of 18mm, and the groove requirement is a 45 degree V-shaped bevel with a blunt edge of 1mm.

The model used is GMM-80R (Reversible Self moving Metal Machine), which is a best-selling model in the company. Especially with the head flipping function, it can be used for both upper and lower bevel grooves without flipping the board.

Taole beveling machine

The flipping function of the GMM-80R beveling machine enables the processing of upper and lower double-sided bevels without flipping the board. This makes the operation of the machine more convenient and improves work efficiency.

In addition, GMM-80R also has other advantages such as:-
High precision machining: The machine adopts advanced machining technology, which can achieve high-precision machining results.

-Multi functional application: Not only can it perform upper and lower edge groove processing, but it can also be used for various milling tasks such as V-shaped bevel, K-shaped bevels, and U/J-shaped bevels.

-Self moving design: The machine has automatic cruise control function, which can move to the desired position on its own, reducing the workload of operators.

-Security: The machine adopts a safety control system to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.


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Post time: Jul-10-2024