GMMA-100L Edge Milling Machine on Pressure Vessel for Chemical Industry

GMMA-100L Heavy plate edge milling machine on Pressure Vessel For Chemical Industry

Customer request plate edge milling machine working on heavy duty plates at thickness 68mm. Regular bevel angel from 10-60 degree.  Their original semi automatic edge milling machine could achieve the surface performance against welding. Below is current bevel solution from factory.


Two bevel solutions / Models are suggested after general commnication.

1. GMMA-100L Heavy plate edge milling machine for current urgency projects  (Stock Available)

2. GMM-X3000 CNC Automatic edge milling machine for high efficiency (Customized Solution and fully automatic)


Customer finally decided to take GMMA-100L heavy plate edge milling machine  for current projects first. Will consider inf urther after testing and performance.  Below bevel cutting by  GMMA-100L edge milling machine at site.


Below Video Link on Youtube for this GMMA-100L beveling machine at site


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