GMMA-80A plate beveling machine for aluminum plate

Customer Inquiry: Plate beveling machine for aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate

Plate thickness 25mm, request Singe V bevel at 37.5 and 45 degree.

After comparing our GMMA plate beveling machine models. Customer finally decided on GMMA-80A .

GMMA-80A for plate thickness 6-80mm, bevel angel 0-60 degree adjustable, Bevel width 0-70mm

High efficiency with double motors and economic models at suitable price.

Beveling Requirements

Customer Site  for beveling and welding:

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Our Engineer Suggestion for Alumimun plate beveling operation:

1)  Pls aovid any oil or water on the aluminum plate surface during bevel operation

2) Due to the material characters, Do not clamp too tight when adjustment before beveling

3) It is better to do beveling before bending and welding to avoid any oxidizing to affect the welding effect.


Customer Site:

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As a China manufacture for plate beveling machine, plate edge milling machine, pipe cold cutting beveling machine for fabrication preparation. We are having many models for option with vary working range and price level.

GMMA-80A plate beveling machine for aluminum alloy plates

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