What material is the edge milling machine blade

We all know that a milling machine is an auxiliary equipment for beveling plates or pipes for welding different plates. It utilizes the working principle of high-speed milling with a cutter head. It can be mainly divided into several types, such as automatic walking steel plate milling machines, large-scale milling machines, CNC steel plate milling machines, etc. Do you know some of the characteristics and materials of the most important component – the milling machine? Let me explain it to you today.

The blades of edge milling machines are usually made of High Speed Steel (HSS) as the material. High speed steel is a special tool steel with excellent wear resistance and heat resistance. It enhances the hardness and wear resistance of steel through appropriate alloying and heat treatment processes, making it suitable for metal cutting and processing.

High speed steel blade is usually composed of a certain amount of alloy elements added to the carbon steel matrix, such as tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, etc., to improve hardness and heat resistance.

These alloy elements give the blade high thermal hardness, wear resistance, and cutting performance, making it suitable for high-speed cutting and heavy cutting applications.

In addition to high-speed steel, some special applications may use blades made of other materials, such as carbide blades.

Hard alloy blades are made by sintering carbide particles and metal powders (such as cobalt), which have higher hardness and wear resistance,

Suitable for more demanding cutting environments. The selection of blade material needs to be based on specific processing requirements and materials,

To ensure the best cutting effect and tool life.

As a professional mechanical manufacturing company, Shanghai Taole Machinery not only produces beveling machines, but also provides corresponding beveling machine blades. Beveling machine blades are very important components in bevel machining, as they directly affect the quality and accuracy of the bevel.

High speed steel cutting blades have good cutting ability and wear resistance, and are suitable for general groove processing. Hard alloy blades are made by sintering carbide particles and metal powders, which have higher hardness and wear resistance, and are suitable for more demanding bevel machining environments.

Taole Machinery will provide suitable selection of beveling machine blades based on customer specific needs and application scenarios to ensure blade quality and durability

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