• How to choose a plate beveling machine?
    Post time: 09-22-2017

    Compared with flame cutting machine. Beveling machine with higher efficiency, easier operation and no deburring request. Besides, Flame cutting machine is hard to operate with large energy consumption, And metal surface will be oxy-genated and sharped. With those characteristics. Beveling machine...Read more »

  • Advantages for GMMA plate edge milling machine
    Post time: 09-19-2017

    GMMA plate edge beveling milling machine (steel beveling machine) is a new series milling type machine. With the advantages of small size, low weight, easy moving and operation, It is very popular for industry plants. Milling Speed is very fast or similar with cnc milling machine. It is using reg...Read more »

  • Birthday Celebration in Taole Machinery
    Post time: 09-14-2017

    HRD from Shanghai Taole Machinery Co., Ltd organize the Employee celebration for staff who was bore in September. The day is celebrated enthusiastically, with the cake cutting ceremony that every employee awaits for. The great start to the day marks with cakes and good food and eventually ends up...Read more »

  • Taole Family—2 days trip to the Huang Mountain
    Post time: 09-01-2017

    Activity:  2 Days trip to the Huang Mountain Member: Taole Families Date: Aug 25-26th,2017 Organizer:  Administration department –Shanghai Taole Machinery Co.Ltd August is a totally news start for next half year of 2017.  For building cohesion and team work., encourage the effort from ever...Read more »

  • New Products Launch on 2017 Essen Welding & Cutting Fair in Shanghai
    Post time: 09-01-2017

    Great News! Shanghai Taole Machinery Co.,Ltd have repubished 5 new models of plate beveling machine, plate milling machine for weld preparation.Those machine are specially for some heavy duty metal plates beveling process.   Model 1 :  GMMA-80L Automatic plate edge milling machine Main Point...Read more »