Bevel Tools upgrade for GMMA edge milling machine

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Year 2020 is difficult for all business partners and humans due to the covid-19. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. In this year. We did some slight adjustment on the bevel tools for GMMA models Edge milling machine  considering below points.


1)  High Quality bevel tools on our plate beveling machine.

2) Improving bevel machine efficiency and reduce amount of consumables

3) Strategic Cooperation leads a better price for customer/user which saves cost.


Below 2 types of standard for milling heads and Inserts on GMMA models plate edge milling machine.


Standard Models / Bevel Tools GMMA-60S/L/R GMMA-80A/R/D GMMA-100L/D
Basic Standard TAOLE Milling Head Dia 63mm  6R Dia 80mm 8R Dia 100mm 7R/9R
  Sumutomo Inserts 13T 13T 13T
High Standard Walter Milling Head 63-22-6T 80-27-6T 100-32-6T
  Walter Inserts MT12 MT12 MT12


Pls check above standard for GMMA models plate edge milling machine.  Feel free to contact us if you need a price list.


Note:  “Walter ” is our new partner for milling head and inserts start from beginning of 2020. Their website: .  We are having promotion —-Purchase 200 pcs of Walter inserts could get 1 of milling head at free cost for who using our GMMA edge milling machine.


Pls do not hesitate to contact us if you need a price list or any questions. Thank you.

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