GMMA-60L beveling machine for stainless steel S32205

Metal Sheet processing plant

Requirements:  plate beveling machine for S32205 stainless steel

Plate specification: Plate Width 1880mm   Length 12300mm,  thickness 14.6mm , ASTM A240/A240M-15

Request bevel angel at 15 degree, beveling with 6mm root face, request high presicious, Metal plate for UK market.

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Based on requirements, We suggest GMMA series beveling machine which including GMMA-60S, GMMA-60L, GMMA-60R, GMMA-80A and GMMA-100L. After comparing the specifications and working range based on plant needs. Customer finally decided to take 1 set of GMMA-60L for testing.

Due to the hardness for this material, We suggested to use Cutter head and Inserts with alloy steel material.

Below testing photos at customer site:



Customer satisfied with the performance of GMMA-60L plate beveling machine

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Due to the large QTY for plate beveling request, Customer decided to take 2 more GMMA-60L beveling machine to increase the efficiency . Machine also working for their other projects of metal sheets.


GMMA-60L Plate beveling machine for stainless steel

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Post time: Aug-17-2018