How to inquiry a pipe cutting beveling machine?

Pipe cold cutting and beveling  machine is kind of split frame design allows to seperate mount the outer diameter of the in-line pipe with strong stable clamping. It can process different material of pipe such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys. This equipments performs percision inline cut or cut/bevel simultaneously and feed automatically with lower axial and radal clearance for weld preparation. It also comes with many models option driven by electric, penumatic, hydraulic and cnc.

How to choose the right  pipe cutting beveling machine /equipment?

1. Pls choose the right model based on your pipe outer diameter.

2. Confirm your required electric power supply (Voltage,frequency and phase)

3. Confirm your machine function and bevel angel needed

4. Confirm the welding joint required (U.V,double V or Compound preperation)

5. Tell what isyour pipe material and wall thickness(Carbon steel, stainless steel or others)

6. Any other special demands for machine. 

If your pipe wall thickness higher than 20mm. We will suggest to take pneumatic /hydraulic /cnc driven.Just to ensure a high effiency and perfect performance.

Pls feel free to send us a inquiry if you are interested in our pipe cold cutting  and beveling machine/equipments.


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