Introduction to the cutting principle of steel plate beveling machine

Flat plate beveling machine is a professional machine used in the welding and manufacturing process to ensure welding quality. Before welding, the workpiece needs to be beveled. Steel plate beveling machine and flat plate beveling machine are mainly used for beveling the plate, and some beveling machines can be equipped with pipe fitting beveling function. It is a welding and cutting auxiliary equipment widely used in various welding and manufacturing industries such as shipbuilding, metallurgy, and steel structures.

stainless steel beveling machine

Two cutting principles:

1: Milling principle:

The PB-12 model mainly uses manual electric tools. During operation, hard alloy blades are added to the power output part, and high-speed rotary cutting is used to mill a certain angle at the edge of the steel plate. This type of machine has a wide range of applications and can also be used for materials such as cast iron, hard plastics, and non-ferrous metals.

There will be some noise and vibration during work, and the speed is relatively slow, but it is more convenient to use and can be used in various working environments;


2: Rolling shear principle:

The PB-12 model generally relies on a gearbox to output high-power torque, uses specialized rolling shear tools, operates at low speeds, clamps the upper and lower clamping wheels, and uses the power of the slider and the tool itself to shear inward as a guide, which can quickly chamfer the edges of the steel plate.

The conventional automatic steel plate beveling machine is divided into automatic walking mechanism beveling machine and handheld automatic walking beveling machine. Compared with other beveling methods, this machine has many advantages, such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, simple operation, and convenient use; And it can greatly reduce the workload of workers and save labor costs; Simultaneously in line with the current trend and concept of low-carbon and low energy consumption in environmental protection.


Safety technical regulations:

1. Before use, check whether the electrical insulation is good and the grounding is reliable. When using, wear insulated gloves, insulated shoes, or insulation pads.

2. Before cutting, check if there are any abnormalities in the rotating parts, if the lubrication is good, and perform a turning test before cutting.

When working inside the furnace, two people must collaborate and work simultaneously.

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