L type Clad Removal on 25mm plate by GMMA-100L Metal edge beveling machine

Bevel Joint requirements from Customer “AIC” Steel in Saudi Arabia Market

L type bevel on 25mm thickness plate. Bevel width at 38mm and depth 8mm

They request a  beveling machine for this Clad Removal.


Bevel Solutions from TAOLE MACHINE

TAOLE Brand Standard model GMMA-100L plate edge beveling machine which could process plate thickness 8-100mm, bevel angel 0-90 degree. Available for V/Y, U/J bevel, 0 and 90 degree clad removal.


Testing Plate:  Carbon Steel at 25mm thickness

First Cut by GMMA-100L steel plate clad removal machine

Width 38mm and depth 4mm      Cutter Depth adjust about: 27-28MM


https://www.bevellingmachines.com/gmma-100l-heavy-duty-plate-beveling-machine.html https://www.bevellingmachines.com/gmma-100l-heavy-duty-plate-beveling-machine.html

Second Cut by GMMA-100L plate edge milling machine at Width 38mm and depth 8mm  Cutter Depth adjusted at : 31-32MM

https://www.bevellingmachines.com/gmma-100l-heavy-duty-plate-beveling-machine.html Bevel Cut to achieve bevel joint

Note: GMMA-100L beveling machine should be Adjusted  angel at 90 degree. Standard cutter head at 45 degree.   Adjust the cutter depths as per situation. Below instruction for your reference.


Healthy metal Scraps after bevel cutting by GMMA-100L Steel Clad Removal machine

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