Q345B plate edge beveling for steel structure fabrication

ustomer Introduction

A steel struture & fabrication Plant , inquiry for steel plate edge beveling machine.

Plate size regular width 1.5 meters, Length 4 meters, thickness from 20 to 80mm.

Having a big table type beveling machine in plant but totally not enough for increasing QTY of plates.

Request high efficiency but not high cost like stationary beveling machine or CNC beveling machine.

3/4 plates request V bevel only, 1/4 plates require for Double V or K/X type bevel.

 https://www.bevellingmachines.com/     https://www.bevellingmachines.com/

Based all customer requirements. TAOLE MACHINE offer solution as below:

GMMA-80A for top beveling       3 SETS

GMMA-80R for down beveling     1 SET

Site Testing:  Bevel processing on 30mm thickness plate,  45 degree bevel angel ,  6mm Root Face ,  1 cut to achieve 20mm bevel width.  Plant works are satisfied with this performance. And decided to take 4 set of GMMA-80A first for current projects.



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Post time: Mar-06-2020