Shandong Tai’an – Small Fixed Beveling Machine – Customer Case

A small fixed chamfering machine is a device used for metal processing. It can chamfer the edges of metal workpieces to give them a better appearance and higher safety. In this article, we will introduce a customer case to demonstrate the effect and advantages of a small fixed chamfering machine in practical applications.

Customer Details of Shandong Tai'an Small Fixed Beveling Machine

Collaborative product: GMM-20T (desktop flat milling machine)

Processing plate: Q345 plate thickness 16mm

Process requirements: The groove requirement is a 45 degree V-shaped bevel

small sheet metal beveling

The main business scope of the client includes large forgings, heads, expansion joints, stamped parts, environmental protection equipment, boilers, pressure vessels, and ASME Manufacturing and sales of U containers, as well as import and export business.

The on-site processed board is Q345 (16mm), with a 45 degree V-shaped bevel requirement. The model used is GMM-20T (desktop flat milling machine), which is a best-selling model in the company. It is particularly suitable for processing grooves on small-sized workpieces such as small plates and reinforcing ribs, with high efficiency and unanimous praise from customers.

small sheet metal

This product is an edge milling machine designed for small sheet metal to perform bevel operations. It is easy to operate, and the bevel angle can be adjusted freely between 25 and 0 degrees. The surface smoothness of the bevel fully meets welding and decoration requirements, and can process aluminum alloy bevel and copper bevel.

Technical parameters of GMMA-20T small plate beveling machine/automatic small plate beveling machine:

Power supply: AC380V 50HZ (customizable)

Total power: 1620W

Processing board width:>10mm

Slope angle: 30 to 60 degrees (other angles can be customized)

Processing plate thickness: 2-30mm (customizable thickness of 60mm)

Motor speed: 1450r/min

Small Fixed Beveling Machine

Shandong Tai'an - Small Fixed Beveling Machine

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