Steel plate beveling machine for military Industrial Processing

Steel plate beveling machine for military Industry

China manufacture for military products manufacture. Request a new beveling machine for both carbon steel and stainless steel plates. They are having plate thickness up to 60mm. It is regular bevel requirements for welding industry and we are having many models for option such as GMMA-60S, GMMA-60L, GMMA-60R,GMMA-80A,GMMA-80R and GMMA-100L steel beveling machines.

They purchased GMMA-60S steel plate beveler from “SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD” in Marth,2016. They are operation well and machine working in good condition during 5 years.  But machine outlook is not good due to the less maintanance and high duty and high frequency work.  

Below picture for GMMA-60S plate beveler purchased in March,2016. We did highlight about the beveling machine maintanance and operation tips for their reference.

GMMA-60S plate beveler machine

At this moment,They feedback 1 set of GMMA-60S plate beveler is not enough due to the increasing Quantity of the projects. Request a higher power and efficiency plate beveling machine specially for Stainless steel plate beveling. In any case. If machine is available for both top bevel and bottom bevel will be great.
In this case. We suggest model GMMA-80R double sided plate beveling machine, Available for plate thickness from 6 to 80mm. Bevel angel from 0 -60 degree, milling head diameter 80mm, and max bevel width could reach 70mm.


Customer is very satisfy with GMMA-80R double sided plate beveling machine after site training. Below pictures for site testing by GMMA-80R double side beveling machine for both top and bottom bevels.


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