The difference between edge milling machine and edge planing machine

Plate beveling machine and edge planers are two types of machines commonly found in the woodworking and metalworking industries. They have clear differences in function and purpose. This article will explore the differences between edge milling machines and edge planers to help readers better understand their respective characteristics and scope of application. The metal plate beveling machine usually consists of the following main parts: 1. Spindle: The spindle of the metal edge beveling machine drives the cutting tool to rotate for cutting. 2. Feed system: Control the movement of the workpiece during the cutting process through the feed mechanism to achieve edge cutting. 3. Control system: Control the operation and machining process of the milling machine, adjust the cutting speed, feed rate and other parameters of the tool. Beveling machine for metal plate are widely used in the metal processing industry, such as mechanical manufacturing, mold manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. It can perform precision machining on the edges of various metal workpieces, such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The edge planer usually consists of the following main parts: 1. Cutting tools: The cutting tools used in edge planers are usually flat or planers, with sharp cutting edges. 2. Planer: A planer is used to support and fix wood to maintain stability during cutting. 3. Motion system: The edge planer uses an electric motor to drive the cutting tool and planer to perform linear motion, achieving edge cutting. GMMA-80A Beveling machine for steel plate

Milling machines and planing machines are common metal workpiece processing equipment, and they have some differences in edge processing:

1. Working principle: The edge milling machine performs edge machining by rotating the cutting tool, and the cutting process is rotary cutting. Edge planer is a tool that performs linear motion on the workpiece to achieve edge cutting.

2. Edge milling machines are mainly used for cutting metal workpieces and are suitable for edge processing of steel, aluminum, and other materials. The edge planer is mainly used for cutting wood and is suitable for trimming and leveling the edges of wood.

3. Cutting method: The edge milling machine can achieve various functions such as edge smoothing, chamfering, and shape processing. The edge planer is mainly used to trim the edges of wood into a flat and straight line, remove burrs and defects.

4. Milling machines usually have the characteristics of high precision and good stability, which can achieve high-precision machining. The edge planer is mainly used for processing large areas and straight edges, and can quickly perform cutting. For further insteresting or more information required about Edge milling machine and Edge Beveler. please consult phone/whatsapp +8618717764772 email:

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