What is plate beveling and pipe beveling?

Bevel or Beveling for metal plate and pipe specially for welding.

Due to the steel plate or pipe thickness, Normally it request a bevel as welding preparation for a good welding joint.


In market, It comes with different machines for bevel solution based on different metal sharps.

1. plate beveling machine

2. pipe beveling machine & pipe cold cutting beveling machine


Plate Beveling

What is plate beveling?  A bevel is actually a inclined shape which need to be formed on one or both sides of the steel plates.  If you consider a section as a plate, below shape of BEFORE BEVELING and AFTER BEVELING for your reference.



The regular welding  joint such as V/Y type, U/J type, K/X type, O degree vertical type and 90 degree horizontal type.

UJ 90 0


We are having two types of beveling machine tools—Shearing type with cutter blades and Milling Head with Inserts.

Shearing tppe—GBM Series machine

Model: GBM-6D,GBM-6D-T, GBM-12D,GBM-12D-R,GBM-16D,GBM-16D-R


Milling Type–GMM Series machine

Model: GMMA-60S, GMMA-60L,GMMD-60R,GMMA-80A,GMMA-20T,GMMA-25A-U,GMMA-30T,GMM-V1200,GMM-V2000,GMMH-10.GMMH-R3



Pipe beveling

pipe beveling machines are needed for weld preparation. Bevel is for outer edge inclined of pipes which can be joined together by welding. Bevelled pipe end for welding makes very strong and resistant pressure from inside of the pipeline.

pipe beveling



There are two type of pipe beveling machine and driven by Electric, Penumatic, Hydraulic or CNC.


1. ID-Mounted Pipe end beveling /chamfering machine tool

ISE machines (Electric) , ISP machine (Pneumatic)


2. OD-mounted pipe cold cutting and beveling machine  (With Cold cutting function)

OCE Machine (Electric) , SOCE machine (METABO motor) ,OCP machine (Pneumatic), OCH machine (Hydraulic) , OCS machine (CNC)



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