• Happy New Year And Wish You All The Best for 2022
    Post time: 12-31-2021

    Dear Customers Greeting from “Shanghai Taole Machine Co.,Ltd” . Wish you health, happiness, love and may your be successful in the new year. People all over the world are still suffering from Covid-19 in year 2021. Life and business is slow but stable. We wish you a bright ,pieceful a...Read more »

  • 2021 Taole Machine Holiday from Mid-Autumn and National
    Post time: 09-18-2021

      Dear Customers Pls kindly be noticed that we will on holiday soon in China. Shanghai Taole Machine Co.,Ltd will directly follow government  holiday arrangement fo with below dates. September 19-21st,2021 for Mid-autumn Festival October 1-7th,2021 for National holiday As a China manufactur...Read more »

  • TAOLE BEVELING MACHINE-Chinese New Year Holiday
    Post time: 02-05-2021

    Dear Customers   We on behalf of  “SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD” to say Thanks to you all. Thank you for all the trust, support and understanding on the business. We look forward increasing business in the future and grow up hands by hands. Wish you a happy and prosperous new y...Read more »

  • GMMA-100L Edge Milling Machine on Pressure Vessel for Chemical Industry
    Post time: 11-26-2020

    GMMA-100L Heavy plate edge milling machine on Pressure Vessel For Chemical Industry Customer request plate edge milling machine working on heavy duty plates at thickness 68mm. Regular bevel angel from 10-60 degree.  Their original semi automatic edge milling machine could achieve the surface perf...Read more »

  • L type Clad Removal on 25mm plate by GMMA-100L Metal edge beveling machine
    Post time: 11-02-2020

    Bevel Joint requirements from Customer “AIC” Steel in Saudi Arabia Market L type bevel on 25mm thickness plate. Bevel width at 38mm and depth 8mm They request a  beveling machine for this Clad Removal. Bevel Solutions from TAOLE MACHINE TAOLE Brand Standard model GMMA-100L plate edg...Read more »

  • National day and Mid-autumn Festival Celebration during Oct 1-8th,2020
    Post time: 09-30-2020

    Dear Customers   Greeting.  Wish you all the best.   Thanks for your support and bussiness all the way. Hereby notify that we will be on holiday from Oct 1st to 8th,2020 for celebrating Mid-autumn Festival holiday and National holiday.  TAOLE MACHINE will be closed during holiday and n...Read more »

  • Bevel Tools upgrade for GMMA edge milling machine
    Post time: 09-25-2020

    Dear Customer   First of All. Thanks for your support and business all the way.   Year 2020 is difficult for all business partners and humans due to the covid-19. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. In this year. We did some slight adjustment on the bevel tools for GMMA mo...Read more »

  • GMMA-80R bevel machine for Stainless Steel sheet and Pressure Vessel Industry
    Post time: 09-21-2020

    Customer Inquiry for Metal Sheet Beveling Machine from Pressure Vessel Industry Requirements:  Beveling machine available for both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Metal Sheet. Thickness upto 50mm. We ” TAOLE MACHINE“   recommend our GMMA-80A and GMMA-80R steel beveling machine as opt...Read more »

  • How to make a U/J bevel joint for weld prep by mobile beveling machine?
    Post time: 09-04-2020

    How to make a U/J bevel joint for pre-welding?    How to choose a beveling machine for metal sheet processing? Below drawing reference for bevel requirements from customer.  Plate thickness upto 80mm. Request to make double side beveling with R8 and R10.How to Choose a beveling machine for such m...Read more »

  • GMMA-80R,100L,100K beveling machine for Petrochemical SS304 steel plate
    Post time: 08-17-2020

    Enquiry from Petrochemical Engineering Company Customer is having multi project with different material for beveling process. They already having models GMMA-80A, GMMA-80R ,GMMA-100L,GMMA-100K plate beveling machine in stock. Current project request  to make V/K bevel joint on Stainless Steel 304...Read more »

  • GMMA-80R bevel machine on composite steel plate S304 and Q345 for Sinopec Engineering
    Post time: 07-16-2020

    GMMA-80R bevel machine on composite steel plate S304 and Q345 for Sinopec Engineering   This is a Plate Beveling machine inquiry from SINOPEC ENGINEERING. Customer request a beveling machine for composite steel plate which is S304 thickness 3mm and Q345R thickness 24mm total plate thickness...Read more »

  • 2020 Dragon Boat Festival–Shanghai Taole Machine Co.,Ltd
    Post time: 06-24-2020

    Shanghai Taole Machine Co.,Ltd China manufacture /factory for beveling machine on steel fabrication.   Products including plate beveling machine, plate edge milling machine, metal edge chamfering machine,cnc edge milling machine, pipe beveling machine, pipe cold cutting and beveling machine....Read more »

  • Steel plate beveling machine for military Industrial Processing
    Post time: 06-09-2020

    Steel plate beveling machine for military Industry China manufacture for military products manufacture. Request a new beveling machine for both carbon steel and stainless steel plates. They are having plate thickness up to 60mm. It is regular bevel requirements for welding industry and we are hav...Read more »

  • Heavy walled pipe cold cutting beveling machine for compound bevel
    Post time: 05-28-2020

    The best pipe cold cutting beveling machine solution for heavy walled pipes ASME B16 25 from SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD Customer requirements: pipe diameter 762mm  30 inch, thickness 60mm. Request to do a pipe cold cutting and beveling, compound bevel. We generally suggest spilit frame type H...Read more »

  • Beveling machine Solution for Heavy duty plates
    Post time: 05-25-2020

    How do you process a plate edge bevel on heavy duty plates?  Are you still using CNC table type beveling machine with high cost but not that efficiency? Or still operating clad removal manually after flame cutting?   We get a inquiry from Chemical Machinery for Top and bottom beveling machi...Read more »

  • Important Tips for GMMA beveling machine operation
    Post time: 05-14-2020

    When people purchase a machine. They always expect machine to work with long life time. In this case, How should we make it and how to maintanance during operation. For GMMA models plate beveling machine from Taole Machine, We paid high attention on the beveling machine constructure ,material qua...Read more »

  • Qingming Festival holiday from Apr 4-6th,2020
    Post time: 04-03-2020

    Qingming Festival was originally held to commemorate a loyal man living in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 BC), named Jie Zitui. Jie cut a piece of meat from his own leg in order to save his hungry lord who was forced to go into exile when the crown was in jeopardy. The lord came ba...Read more »

  • GMMA-80A,80R Steel beveling machine for Shipyard/Dockyard plates
    Post time: 03-27-2020

    After about 2 months stop in China due to the covid-19 virus.Almost 85% companies have been back to normal life and work until now end of March. Virus spread all over the world right now. China people will do our best to help and support people all over the world. Like all the medical products ma...Read more »

  • GMMA-80A beveling machine on 316 stainless steel plate for Tank & Vessel Fabrication
    Post time: 03-12-2020

    A Shanghai manufacture for Tank & Vessels.  Inquiry beveling machine for 316 stainless steel plate. Plate size  at  3 meters Width * 6 meters Length, and thickness from 8 to 30mm at common bevel angels 20-60mm. We suggest model GMMA-80A double motors at power 4800W with auto clamping system....Read more »

  • Q345B plate edge beveling for steel structure fabrication
    Post time: 03-06-2020

    ustomer Introduction A steel struture & fabrication Plant , inquiry for steel plate edge beveling machine. Plate size regular width 1.5 meters, Length 4 meters, thickness from 20 to 80mm. Having a big table type beveling machine in plant but totally not enough for increasing QTY of plates. Re...Read more »

  • Fight the NCP, Fighting Wuhan, China
    Post time: 02-13-2020

    Starting in January 2020, an infectious disease called “Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia” has occurred in Wuhan, China. The epidemic touched the hearts of people all over the world, in the face of the epidemic, Chinese people up and down the country, are actively fightin...Read more »

  • TAOLE 2020 Chinese New Year Holiday
    Post time: 01-19-2020

    Dear Customers   Thanks for your support and cooperation all the way. We will be celebrate Chinese New Year holiday  soon. Below date details for your reference.   Office:  Jan 19th ,2020 to Feb 3rd, 2020 Factory: Jan 18th,2020 to Feb 10th,2020   Pls feel free to call us directly o...Read more »

    Post time: 12-31-2019

    We will be holiday on Jan 1st,2020 for new year celebration. Happy New Year to Everybody and wish all the best.   SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD Email:     Tel: +86 13917053771 Read more »

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Post time: 12-25-2019

      Best Wishes for all our friends and customers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Wish you a prosperous year 2020.   In china, We will be holiday on Jan 1st, 2020 for NEW YEAR CELEBRATION.     SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD Email: Tel: +13917053771 Read more »

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