GMMA-80A,80R Steel beveling machine for Shipyard/Dockyard plates

After about 2 months stop in China due to the covid-19 virus.Almost 85% companies have been back to normal life and work until now end of March. Virus spread all over the world right now. China people will do our best to help and support people all over the world. Like all the medical products manufacture are doing all the possibilities to increase capacities working date and night. We trust everything will be back to normall soon. Flighting, China, Flighting, People around the world.

Below cases/ inquiry on the steel plate beveling machine from a shipyard / dockyard /shipbuilding plant in Zhoushan, Zhejiang.  This plant was located on a small Island specially for Cargo Vessels manufacturing. They are having lots of plates need to do beveling for pre-welding. Multis sizes and thickness, stainless steel and carton steel etc. As per their mostly plate thickness from 15-60mm. We suggest our beveling machine model GMMA-80A and GMMA-80R.


GMMA-80A for top bevel and GMMA-80R for down bevel

Model GMMA-80A GMMA-80R
Power Supply AC 380V 50hz AC 380V 50hz
Total Power 4800W 4800W
Spindle Speed 750-1050r/min 750-1050r/min
Feed Speed 0-1500mm/min 0-1500mm/min
Clamp Thickness 6-80mm 6-80mm
Clamp Width >80mm >80mm
Porcessing Length >300mm >300mm
Bevel Angel 0-60 Degree ±0-60 degree
Single Bevel Width 0-20mm 0-20mm
Bevel Width 0-70mm 0-70mm
Cutter Diameter Dia 80mm Dia 80mm
Insert QTY 6 pcs 6 pcs
Worktable Height 700-760mm 700-760mm
Travel Space 800*800mm 800*800mm
Net Weight 280KGS 320KGS
Gross Weigth 300KGS 360KGS
Packiing Size 860*710*1280mm 1480*1300*850mm
Auto Clamping System Auto Clamping System Auto Clamping System

After Testing at site,  Engineering Team and work are very satisfy with this performance.  Easy  adjustment, Machine automatic walking along with plate edge, wide working range for multi plates and high efficiency.  Machine with auto clamping system for plate thickness adjust.  They have a site meeting and decided to take 4 nos of GMMA-80A and 4 nos of GMMA-80R for current projects.

At the same time, They inquiry us also about Plate Edge Chamfering machine R2, R3, Welding slag removing solutions.

We have provide our solutions with very cost effective machines. They share d us the idea of long term business relationship on the beveling parts for welding.  As  a china manufacture, supplier specially for metal plate, pipes beveling machines. We feel so proud to hear such praise. We will do our best to share our bevel solution and beveling machines to more users.

Thank you for your patient and welcome for any inquiry at  EMAIL: 

Let us stay safe and strong to fight with covid-19.





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Post time: Mar-27-2020