TOP-168 automatic cold pipe cutting beveling machine

Short Description:

TOP models od-mounted pneumatic pipe cold cutting and beveling machine with light weight, minimal radial space . It can separate to two half and easy to operate. Machine can do cutting and beveling simultaneously.

  • Model No.: TOP-168
  • Brand Name: TAOLE
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008
  • Place of Origin: KunShan, China
  • Delivery Date: 5-15 Days
  • Packaging: Wooden Case
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description                                                                               

    The series machine is ideal for all types of pipe cutting, beveling and end preparation. The split frame design allows the machine to split in half at the frame and mount around the OD of the in-line pipe or fittings for strong, stable clamping. The equipment performs precision in-line cut or simultaneous cut/bevel, single point, counter-bore and flange facing operations, as well as weld end preparation on open ended pipe.
    Main features                                                                                         

    1.Cold cutting and beveling improves safety
    2. Cutting and beveling simultaneously
    3. Split frame, easy mounted on pipeline
    4. Fast, Precision, On-site beveling
    5. Minimal Axial and Radial Clearance
    6. Light weight and compact design Easy set-up & Operation
    7. Electric or Pneumatic or Hydraulic driven
    8. Machining Heavy-wall pipe from 3/8’’ up to 96’’

    Product details                                                                                       

     sadzxc1  sadzxc2
     sadzxc3  sadzxc4


     sadzxc5  sadzxc6

    Machine Design and Power Drive Option                                                

    Electric (TOE)Motor Power: 1800/2000WWorking Voltage: 200-240VWorking Frequency: 50-60HzWorking current: 8-10A 1 Set of TOE machine in 1 Wooden Case   sadzxc7
    Pneumatic (TOP)Working Pressure: 0.8-1.0 MpaWorking Air Consumption: 1000-2000L/min 1 Set of TOP machine in 1 Wooden Case   sadzxc8
    Hydraulic (TOH)Working Power of Hydraulic station: 5.5KW, 7.5KW,11KWWorking Voltage: 380V five wireWorking Frequency: 50HzRated Pressure: 10 MPa Rated Flow: 5-45L/min (Stepless Speed Regulation)With 50 meters remote control (PLC Control) 1 Set of TOH machine with 2 wooden cases  sadzxc9

    Product parameter                                                                        

    Model Type Spec. Capacity Outer Diameter Wall thickness/MM Rotation Speed
    OD MM OD Inch Standard Heavy Duty
    1) TOE DrivenBy Electric 2) TOP Driven

    By Pneumatic


    3) TOH Driven

    By Hydraulic


    89 25-89 1”-3” ≦30 - 42r/min
    168 50-168 2”-6” ≦30 - 18r/min
    230 80-230 3”-8” ≦30 - 15r/min
    275 125-275 5”-10” ≦30 - 14r/min
    305 150-305 6”-10” ≦30 ≦110 13r/min
    325 168-325 6”-12” ≦30 ≦110 13r/min
    377 219-377 8”-14” ≦30 ≦110 12r/min
    426 273-426 10”-16” ≦30 ≦110 12r/min
    457 300-457 12”-18” ≦30 ≦110 12r/min
    508 355-508 14”-20” ≦30 ≦110 12r/min
    560 400-560 18”-22” ≦30 ≦110 12r/min
    610 457-610 18”-24” ≦30 ≦110 11r/min
    630 480-630 10”-24” ≦30 ≦110 11r/min
    660 508-660 20”-26” ≦30 ≦110 11r/min
    715 560-715 22”-28” ≦30 ≦110 11r/min
    762 600-762 24”-30” ≦30 ≦110 11r/min
    830 660-813 26”-32” ≦30 ≦110 10r/min
    914 762-914 30”-36” ≦30 ≦110 10r/min
    1066 914-1066 36”-42” ≦30 ≦110 10r/min
    1230 1066-1230 42”-48” ≦30 ≦110 10r/min

    Schematic View And Typital of Butt welding                                   

     sadzxc10  sadzxc11
    sadzxc12Example diagram of bevel type sadzxc13
    sadzxc14 sadzxc15
    1.Optional for Single Head or Double Head
    2.Bevel Angel as per Request
    3.Cutter length can be adjustable
    4.Optional on material based on pipe material


    On site cases                                                                                  

    sadzxc17 sadzxc18
    sadzxc19 sadzxc20

    Machine Package                                                                                

    sadzxc21 sadzxc22 sadzxc23

    Company Profile                                                                                   

    SHANGHAI TAOLE MACHINE CO.,LTD is a Leading professional Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of a wide variety of weld preparation machines which widely used in Steel Construction, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Pressure Vessel , Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and all welding industrial manufacturing. We export our products in more than 50 markets including Australia, Russia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe market, etc. We make contributions to improve the efficiency on metal edge beveling and milling for weld preparation.With our own production team, development team, shipping team, sales and after-sales service team for customer assistance. Our machines are well accepted with high reputation in both domestic and overseas markets with more than 18 years’ experience in this industry since 2004. Our engineer team keep developing and updating machine based on energy saving, high efficiency, safety purpose. Our mission is “QUALITY, SERVICE and COMMITMENT”. Provide the best solution for customer with high quality and great service.







    Q1: What is the power supply of the machine?

    A: Optional Power Supply at 220V/380/415V 50Hz. Customized power /motor/logo/Color available for OEM service.

    Q2: Why comes multi models and how should I Choose and understand? 

    A: We have different models based on customer’s requirements. Mainly different on power, Cutter head, bevel angel, or special bevel joint required. Please send a inquiry and share your requirements ( Metal Sheet specification width * length * thickness, required bevel joint and angel). We will present you with best solution based on general conclusion.

    Q3: What is the delivery time? 

    A: Standard machines are stock available or spare parts available which able to be ready in 3-7 days. If you have special requirements or customized service. Normally takes 10-20 days after order confirm.

    Q4: What is the warranty period and after sales service?

    A: We provide 1 year warranty for machine except wearing parts or consumables. Optional for Video Guide, Online Service or local Service by third party. All spare parts available in both Shanghai and Kun Shan Warehouse in China for fast moving and shipping. Q5: What is your payment Teams?

    A: We welcome and try multi payment terms depends on order value and necessary. Will suggest 100% payment against fast shipment. Deposit and balance % against cycle orders.

    Q6: How do you pack it?

    A: Small machine tools packed in tool box and carton boxes for safety shipments by courier express. Heavy machines weight higher than 20 kgs packed in wooden cases pallet against safety shipment by Air or Sea. Will suggest bulk shipments by sea considering machine sizes and weight.

    Q7: Are you Manufacture and what is your products range?

    A: Yes. We are manufacture for beveling machine since 2000.Welcome to visit our factory in Kun shan City. We concentrating on metal steel beveling machine for both plate and pipes against welding preparation. Products including Plate Beveler, Edge Milling Machine, Pipe beveling, pipe cutting beveling machine, Edge rounding /Chamfering, Slag removal with standard and customized solutions.

    Welcome to contact us anytime for any inquiry or more informations.

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