How many types of groove shapes do steel plate beveling machines have?

Our flat bevel machine is an efficient, accurate, and stable chamfering device that can meet your various chamfering needs. Whether you are in the metal processing industry or other industries, our products can provide reliable support for your production. Our flat beveling machine can perform various shapes of beveling on metal sheets.


There are 7 common shapes of groove shapes, V, U, X, J, Y, K, T, which have specific applicability and advantages in different applications.


How to choose the appropriate groove shape?

When selecting a groove shape, it is necessary to consider factors such as material type, welding requirements, stress concentration, etc. to ensure that a suitable groove shape is selected to meet specific processing and welding requirements.

The X-shaped groove machine is a specialized equipment used for processing X-shaped grooves, which can be used to cut and process metal materials (such as steel plates, aluminum plates, etc.) to form X-shaped groove structures with specific shapes. The X-shaped beveling machine has the following advantages:

1. Accurate processing capability

2. Efficient work speed

3. Flexible scope of application

4. Easy to operate and maintain,

5. Improve work safety 

2 GMMA-80A beveling on stainless steel plate 60L-1 Clad Removal

There are various types and models of beveling machines according to different application requirements and processing methods. The following are some common types of beveling machines:

1. Steel plate beveling machine; Steel plate beveling machine is mainly used for cutting and processing metal steel plates or sheet metal beveling. Common models include handheld, desktop, and automated steel plate beveling machines.

2. Flame beveling machine; The flame beveling machine uses flame cutting to perform beveling, suitable for thicker steel plates and large-scale machining tasks.

3. Welding groove machine: Welding groove machine is mainly used for groove welding preparation work, and can process various groove shapes, such as V-shaped grooves, U-shaped grooves, etc.

4. Pipeline beveling machine: The pipeline beveling machine is used for cutting and processing pipeline bevels. Common models include handheld, automated, and both internal and external pipeline beveling machines.

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